1950 ad: "No Drugs, Dangerous Diet or Tiring Exercise"

. Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion Your BODY-- So that your every dress may be just as fashionable as those shown on the perfect models in this book: SLENDERIZE. It's Quick. It's Easy. It's Fun. Just 10 minutes a day in your own room and this HEALTHOLIZER Home Exerciser and Reducer will help you, as it has helped thousands of women everywhere to SLENDERIZE--to REDUCE Where You Want To--No Drugs Dangerous Diet or Tiring Exercise. ALSO With your Healtholizer you get James G. Railey's 3 famous courses: "Proper Diet", "Constructive Breathing", "Personality Developmet", as taught by him, so helpfully, to men and women everywhere. SEND NO MONEY -- No risk involved. Just your name and address. When postman delivers Healtholizer, you deposit $6.98 (formerly $10.) plus a small charge for delivery. Start reducing at once. If after 5 days you are not wholly satisfied, return Healtholizer and your $6.98 (full cost) will be refunded immediately. RUSH THIS COUPON TODAY! Healtholizer Corp., Dept. 35-C, 722 Ingram St. Forest Hills, N.Y.

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