1950s ad: Fashions in Wool

. Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knitting and Crocheting - Special Offer - Any 4 Books - Only $1.00 prepaid in U.S.A. - Pin your $1.00 on this GIFT OFFER and mail today! HILDE's easy-to-follow instructions for the latest fashions in knitting and crocheting will delight you. Send $1.00 for your choice of any four books listed below and you will receive a HERO KNITTING PROTECTOR BAG for keeping knitting work clean plus GIFT INSTRUCTIONS for an unusual pair of socks.  Choose any 4 of the 7 knitting or crochet books listed below.  VOL. 51 -- Children's Fashions in Wool VOL. 52 -- Socks, Gloves and Mittens VOL. 53 -- Boys' and Girls' Age 3 to 12 VOL. 54 -- Men's Fashions in Wool VOL. 55 -- Classic Fashions in Wool  VOL. 66 -- Crochet Babies' Fashion in Wool VOL. 67 -- Youngsters' Fashions in Wool VOL. 68 -- Babies' Fashions in Wool VOL. 69 -- New Socks -- Fashions in Wool One HERO KNITTING PROTECTOR BAG and GIFT INSTRUCTIONS Good only in U.S.A. (Outside of U.S.A. add 20c for handling) Additional Books 20c ea. plus 5c ea. for mailing Fashions in Wool  87 Prospect Avenue Mount Vernon, N.Y.

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