1950s ad: Hospital Plan

. Friday, May 18, 2012

New! Sold Only By Mail!  No Time Limit Hospital Plan - Good Anywhere in the U.S. Protects You in Case of  Sickness & Accident Costs only 3c a DAY - Individual or entire family eligible, birth to age 70. Policy pays Hospital Room and Board Benefits as long as you remain confined. NO TIME LIMIT! (rest homes, sanitariums, Gov. Hospitals excluded). You get Cash Benefits for 74 Surgical Operations... Lump Cash for Accidental Death... Cash Payment for Loss of Eyes, Hands, Feet... Special POLIO protection.... plus other valuable coverages. No waiting period! We pay CASH DIRECT TO YOU! Only 3c a day for adults; 1 1/2 c a day for children to age 18. Sold direct! No agent will call! Policy Pays Hospital Room and Board for Sickness per month $150.00 (No time limit) Hospital Room and Board for Accident per month $150.00 (No time limit) 74 Surgical Operations $10 to $100 Policy provides in Lieu of Other Benefits the Following: $500 to $2000  Loss of Eyes, Hands, Feet Due to Accident $250 to $2000  Infantile Paralysis Hospital Bills up to $500 Doctor Bills up to $500 Orthopedic Appliances up to $500 You Can Get Maternity North American Mutual Insurance Company Dept. 252-WB Wilmington, Del.

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