1950s ad: Savage 24

. Thursday, May 24, 2012

The handiest gun you can own a Savage 24 - No wonder the Model 24 gets more popular every year. It's the only gun of its kind in the world--an over-and-under model that's both an accurate single shot .22 rifle and an effective .410 shotgun! A flick of the selector button gives you an instant choice.  Plenty of Important Uses The model 24 is ideal for the beginner... helps him learn the fundamentals of both rifle and shotgun shooting. Safe, too--the hammer must be cocked for each shot. Experienced sportsmen, guides and trappers prefer the Model 24 for use in camp, on the trail or when fishing. An ideal utility gun for the farm. It belongs in every gun rack. See the Savage 24 at your dealer's now. There are Savage, Stevens and Fox shotguns and rifles for every shooter and every kind of shooting. Write for a free rifle or shotgun catalog. Savage Arms, Chicopee Falls 86, Mass. $41.50 All Prices Subject to Change... Slightly Higher in Canada

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