1962 ad: Bond Street Pipe Tobacco

. Saturday, July 7, 2012

The pipe smoker's miscellany. Tidbits, tips and trivia on the art of pipesmanship. How to Cake a New Pipe. Take your pick. You can coat the inside of the bowl with honey or black molasses (wiping off excess). Or fill the bowl with good dark rum and let soak overnight. Or simply scrape it and moisten with water. Then smoke up a good caking. A cake thickness of 1/16 to 1/8 inch is the usual recommendation but who's measuring? Depends how you like it. An old-timer we know suggest: "If your little finger won't fit in the bowl, it's time to ream but go easy. You can have your cake and smoke it too." The man who smokes thinks like a sage and acts like a samaritan. The pipe tobacco that stays lit. Bond Street Pipe Tobacco keeps burning because of its old English cut - a combination of flakes for even burning and cubes for slower burning. You'll lake its aroma of fine imported and domestic tobaccos too. A good pipeful is better than a quiet wife. Bond Street a product of Philip Morris. Inc.

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