1962 ad: Molly Screw Anchors

. Saturday, July 7, 2012

$1,000 contest. Send picture and description of usual use for Molly anchors and tell why you used Molly anchors. Judging will be based on skill in describing your preference for Molly anchors. Win one or more of 68 prizes. 1st prize $500. Contest closes July 31, 1963. Write Molly Corp. Box 132 Reading Pa, for entry blank and contest rules. Subject for all governmental regulations. Hang fixtures securely! Molly Screw Anchors. Better than nails and screws -- Molly Anchors let you put fixtures where you want, not just where studs are. Spider backing reinforces area in which used. Won't pull through, better than toggle bolts -- easy to install, need much smaller hole, fixtures can be removed and replaced in same anchor. Money back guarantee. Ask your hardware supplier for genuine Molly screw anchors -- the name is stamped on the cap. Fasten fixtures to hollow doors with Molly Jack Nut Anchors. Jack nut screws need only 1/8" expansion space, grip any material 0" to 3/8" thick. Perfect to use in thin materials where nails and screws won't hold. Send $1.00 for sample box of 12. Molly Corp Box 1139-H Reading, Pa.

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