1962 ad: What Secret Power did Benjamin Franklin (a Rosicrucian) Possess?

. Monday, July 30, 2012

What secret power did this man possess? Benjamin Franklin (a Rosicrucian). Why was this man great? How does anyone -- man or woman -- achieve greatness? Is it not by mastery of the power within ourselves? Know the mysterious world within you! Attune yourself to the wisdom of the ages. Grasp the inner power of your mind. Learn the secrets of a full and peaceful life. Benjamin Franklin -- like many other learned and great men and women -- was a Rosicrucian. The Rosicruians (not a relgious organization) first came to America in 1694. Today, headquarters of the Rosicrucians send over seen million pieces of mail annually to all to all parts of the world. Write for your free copy of the mastery of life. Today. No obligation. No salesmen. A non-profit organization. Address: Scribe N.Z.J. The Rosicrucians San Jose (AMORC) California.

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