1915 ad: Modene

. Monday, August 6, 2012

Modene. Hair on face, neck and arms instantly removed without injury to the most delicate skin. In compounding, an incomplete mixture was accidentally spilled on the back of the hand, and on washing afterward it was discovered that the hair was completely removed. We named the new discover MODENE. It is absolutely harmless, but works sure results. Apply for a few minutes and the hair disappears as if by magic. It cannot fail. If the growth be light, one application will remove it; the heavy growth, such as the beard or growth on moles, may require two or more applications, and without the slightest injury or unpleasant feeling when applied or ever afterward. Modene supersedes electrolysis. Used by people of refinement, and recommended by all who have tested its merits. Modene is now for sale at Drug Stores, or will be sent by mail in safety mailing cases on receipt of $1.00 per bottle. Postage stamps taken. Modene Manufacturing Co., Dept 51., Cincinnati, Ohio. Every bottle guaranteed. We offer $1,000 for failure or slightest injury.

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