1953 ads: Schick "20" -- better built for close shaves.

. Monday, November 25, 2013

"I'm never in a lather now! I know the right electric shaver can give close shaves!" I'm through with working up a lather -- or working myself into a lather! I'm done with scrapes and nicks. I'm finished with having to remember to buy new blades. Now I get the closest shaves I ever had -- in the easiest way I ever imagined! You see, I found the right electric shaver -- the Schick '20' -- the only one that has all 3 of the features you need for close shaves..." The man is right! Only the Schick "20" has all these 3 close-shave features: The right edges beveled comb edges. Just like a comb, they lift up the whiskers, lead them in for a close shave. The right heads. Face fitted. Not bulky but scientifically sized to get in anywhere, get every whisker. Self-sharpening. Sharpens as you shave. Doesn't get dull, assures close shaves always. Skeptics invited! Schick 10-day no-risk home trial. Tell your dealer -- or any Schick electric shaver shop -- that you want to take home a Schick "20" and shave with it for 10 days. Then see if this isn't the easy, comfortable  no-fuss way to get close shaves. You must say it is or take the shaver back to the dealer within those 10 days and get back every cent! No ifs or buts about it. You are the only judge. Schick "20" -- better built for close shaves. More men use schick electric shavers than any other make.

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