1978 ad: World's Greatest Bust Developer -- the Mark Eden Developer

. Friday, November 22, 2013

Incredible Price Breakthrough. The World's greatest bust developer. 4 million sold at $9.95 Now only $6.95. Here are just a few of the 4 million women who have made Mark Eden the most successful bust developer of all time. To say thank you, Mark Eden for the first time in its history and for a limited time only is making this spectacular offer. Was flat-chested. Then I gained 6 full firm inches on Mark Eden's Wonder Program. My bust went from 33 to 30. Cleta Thompson. 5" in 2 Weeks! Being flat chested was spoiling my figure. Then I got it all together -- gained 5 inches in just 2 weeks with Mark Eden. Karen Scott. Transformed! Mark Eden guaranteed I would gain 1 to 3 inches on my bustline -- very quickly I gained 7 inches from 34 to 40. Amazing gains! I never believed in bust developers -- then, with the amazing Mark Eden I gained from a flat 33 to a full 39! Candy Johnson. 7 full inches! My figure was totally transformed when I gained 7 full inches -- from 32 to 39 with the fabulous Mark Eden. Anita Jamieson. Doctor Tested! On a doctor's test of the Mark Eden program I gained 3 full inches on my bustline in just one week. The most dramatic bust developing guarantee ever made. Now you can have the only bust developer in the world guaranteed to add up to 3 inches to your bustline in just one week for the once-in-a-lifetime price of only $6.95. While not every woman may achieve these gains as results may vary due to the response and application you can absolutely count on this: No matter what your rate of physical response; no matter how difficult, stubborn or discouraging your bustline problem is; even though you have been flat chested all your life, Mark Eden unconditionally guarantees that you must gain 1 to 3 inches on your bustline in just one week or your money back. Regularly $9.95 -- no only $6.95. If ever in your life you have wanted to transform your bustline into a full, lovely, super-shapely bustline it will never been easier than right now while Mark Eden -- the world's finest bust developer- is making its special once in a lifetime money saving offer. Order your Mark Eden Developer and "Guaranteed Inches" Program today and have your own beautiful bustline tomorrow. Mark Eden P.O. Box 3170, Dept. T-37 Monterey, CA 93940

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