1978 ad: "You May Never Wear Shoes Again."

. Sunday, August 5, 2012

Once you kick on Scholl Exercise sandals you may never wear shoes again. You've never felt anything like it. Your feet and legs feel fantastic because you're walking in comfort and style, no matter where you are. The European Beechwood soles are sculptured and contoured to comfort and cradle your feet. You can choose light or dark-toned soles with a wide choice of colorful foam-padded straps made of fine supple leather. And while you're walking around feeling good something special is happening. Your toes are clinging to the exclusive toe grip. Helping you shape, tone, firm your legs with every step you take. The more you wear them the more you'll like them because they're made for fast-stepping, comfort-loving people like you. So slip on a pair of patented Scholl Exercise Sandals. And slip into the comfortable life. Scholl Better than barefoot.

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