1950 ad: Columbia LP Records

. Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Now stack up those 7-inch 33 1/2 LP pops 12 hits high!" says Nelson Eddy Exclusive Columbia Records artist. From the world's largest catalog of 33 1/3 LP Records. 7-inch Frank Sinatra. Dinah Shore. Percy Faith. Nelson Eddy. 10-inch Naughty Marietta. Dance Dates. 12-inch Nelson Eddy. Kostelanetz -- Swan Lake. new Columbia LP changer Attachment. $16.95. Playing records is all play and no work with the new Columbia LP Changer. It automatically handles 12 of the hit size 7 inch 33 1/3 LP records, or 12 10-inch or ten 12-inch Long Playing records with one loading. Hear hours of music with one touch of the button! This one-spool player is all you need to enjoy every kind of recorded music -- popular and classical -- with the matchless brilliance convenience and economy of the Columbia 33 1/3 LP system. It's wonderful! Easily attached to any radio or television set. See it at your dealer's new. Columbia LP Records.

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