1955 ad: "Blonde Hair is Worth $1,000,000" with Blondex

. Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blonde Hair is worth $1,000,000 when you wash in new life and bring out shining, radiant color with this special shampoo. Want to keep your hair from getting dark and faded? Want to restore its life and lustre -- see it shades lighter, brighter shinier -- at once? Then use Blondex, the new creamy shampoo made specially for blondes. Contains ANDIUM -- shines and lightens as it shampoos. In just 11 minutes its rich, billowy lather rinses away dingy film that makes hair dark and dull, uncovers sparkling highlights and shimmering lustre. Safe for children's delicate hair. Get Blondex today at all 10 cent drug and department stores.

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