1932 ad: Drink Sanka Coffee and sleep

. Friday, March 29, 2013

Stop making those "no more coffee" resolutions! drink Sanka Coffee and sleep! Are there times when you just can't resist coffee's steaming fragrance -- even though you know the penalty will be a sleepless night? Do you toss and turn all night-- and solemnly resolve "never again"? Then swear off swearing off coffee at night! Instead drink Sanka coffee -- real coffee with 97% of the caffein removed. Drink Sanka Coffee-- and your love for coffee will never cost you another wink of sleep! For proof of that, make the night-test with Sanka Coffee. Drink your first cup of it at night. It won't keep you awake. Next morning you'll know from actual experience, that you've discovered a delicious coffee you can enjoy morning, noon and night -- without regret. And Sanka Coffee is delicious. It's a blend of choice Central and South American coffees. You make it as you've always made coffee -- and you'll find it as delicious -- as full of coffee's old-time goodness -- as any blend you've ever tasted. Absolute satisfaction -- or your money back. So, instead of saying "no more coffee at night," make this one easy resolution: "From now on I'm going to drink Sanka Coffee -- and sleep, sleep, sleep!" Sanka Coffee Real coffee 97% caffein-free. Sanka Coffee has been accepted by the committee on foods of the American Medical Association with the statement: "Is free from caffein effect and can be used when other coffee has been forbidden".

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