1950 ad: Champion Spark Plugs for Greater Dependability

. Thursday, March 28, 2013

Leading airlines use Champion Spark Plugs for Greater Dependability. Be a champion driver. Follow these rules to stretch tire mileage. Switching tires from on wheel to another in rotation prolongs their life by spreading wear evenly over five tires. "Criss-cross" your tires approximately every 6000 miles. Inflation to correct pressure is the most important way to stretch tire mileage. Under inflation of 5 lbs. cuts tire life 32 %  -- 6 lbs 39%. Check tire pressure once a week. Only champions have earned their stamp of public approval. Be a champion driver - follow the experts, like leading air lines and always insist on dependable Champions. Listen to the Champion Roll Call. Harry Wismer's fast sportscast every Friday night over the ABC network. Champion spark plug company, Toledo 1, Ohio.

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