1976 ad: How to Drive a Microprocessor

. Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Drive a Microprocessor. For the Intel 8080 CPU use our K1117A. For the Motorola MC6800 MPU, use our MC6870A, 71A or 71B. Each is designed to provide the critical 2-phase non-overlapping waveforms required by the specific microprocessor. Crystal, oscillator, TTL and NMOS drivers and necessary waveshaping circuitry are packaged by hybrid thick-film IC technology into one dual-in-line module that cuts your compenent count and board space. So now yu can divert valuable engineering time from oscillator/driver design to equipment or software design. Complete Application Notes are available by writing Motorola Inc., Component Products Department, 2553 North Edgington, Franklin Park, Illinois 60131, attention: OEM Sales. Or phone Dan Stetler at (312) 451-1000, extensions 4183, 4184 or 4185. Available through Motorola authorized distribution. Motorola Inc. Compoenent Products Dept.

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