1868 ad: Ballou & Co. Furnaces

. Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ballou & Co. successors to Walter Bryent. Walter Bryent's Patent Furnace for churches, schoolhouses, stores and private residences -- the most durable and economical furnace on the market. Parties in want of a good furnace will find it for their interest to  get our prices before purchasing elsewhere. Portable furnaces adapted to all ordinary requirements. We also sell a new pattern Fireplace Furnace which takes no more space than a common grate and warms the room in which it is placed and the parlor and chambers above. Very ornamental and economical. Old furnaces cleaned, repaired and improved. Smokey chimneys cured and all kinds of jobbing mason's work attended to. Contracts made for warming and ventilating public buildings in all sections of the country. Send for Circular. Ballou & Co. 112 Portland, near Chardon Street

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