1901 ad: Grecian Bust Girdle

. Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grecian Bust Girdle "corset rest" A natural bust support and back brace. Supports from the shoulders and retains the natural position of the bust. Affords unrestricted motion of the body. Supports skirts and hose. Launders. Light, soft and cool. For Housewear, Neglige, Golfing, Bathing and Physical Culture, Tennis Athletics, Corpulency, Maternity, Nursing and all hygienic wear. Endorsed by thousands. The garment of the day. Style 64, white drab or black Sateen. Style 72, white imported batiste. Style 40, white summer netting. $1.50 postpaid. Bust measure 30 to 50 inches. Circular on request. Classic Corset Co., Chicago Illinois.

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