1908 Sears Catalog ad: Combination of Imported Braid and Dainty Lace

. Thursday, April 18, 2013

Combination of Imported Braid and Dainty Lace, $1.99. No. 18K15210. A drooping brim, large modified mushroom style with high bell crown. A remarkably pretty hat and one suitable for all ages. The wire frame is entirely hand covered with rows of alternating dark green braid and narrow black lace. The facing is made of the same material and the effect obtained is striking and attractive. A pretty trimming is obtained by the use of a large wreath of four half blown pink American beauty roses sprayed with natural moss and foliage. Entirely overlaying the brim and sides of the crown is a drape of plaited mull, edged with a wide band of finest Jap silk. This drape is artistically folded between the foliage and roses and completely encircles the crown. The has as described in black and dark green with contrasting roses in pink is very handsome. May also be ordered in all black with pink or light blue roses; light blue and white with tea roses; white and black with jack roses or pink and white with pink roses. Be sure to state colors wanted. Price $1.99.

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