1908 Sears Catalog ad: Elegant embossed and decorated banquet or parlor lamps

. Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elegant embossed and decorated banquet or parlor lamps. We take pleasure in presenting an entirely new and complete line of parlor or banquet lamps on globes. Globes which were selected with the greatest care after long and careful investigation. We feel confident that we are offering the best line of lamps made. very lamp is made of the finest quality of china, heavily embossed with solid brass trimmings, and is carefully tinted and decorated by the most skilled artists. Every lamp is equipped with the best quality burner, wick and chimney. Our prices are from 33 to 50 per cent less than quoted by the regular crockery dealers. Each lamp is carefully packed in box or barrel to insure safe delivery. American Beauty $3.18. This is one of the prettiest lamps shown this season. Do not confuse this lamp with the cheap parlor lamps in American Beauty design. This one is better, handsomer, more elaborately decorated and in every way superior. The globe measures 10 1/2 inches in diameter; the vase or cylinder to match is of equal size. The lamp measures 26 inches high. The hand painted decorations consist of beautiful American Beauty roses and foliage on a blue tinted background. The crown and bottom of base are made of richly polished brass in open work design. It has the improved. Success central draft burner and takes No. 1 Belgian chimney and round wick. It produces a strong and steady 80-candle power light. This lamp compares favorably with those sold by crockery dealers at $4.50 to $5.00. Shipping weight 25 pounds. No. 3K9676 American Beauty Parlor Lamp Price $3.18. Royal Poppy $1.95. This beautiful parlor or banquet lamp is exceptionally large and attractive for the price we ask. It is complete with 9-inch globe and vase, and measures 21 inches high. The decoration consists of large hand painted poppies in pink, purple, nd white. The globe and also the vase are delicately tinted at the top in light green and the bottom in pink. It has a heavy brass painted metal foot of scroll design. It is equipped with No. 3 Climax burner, No. 3 wick and No. 2 Electric chimney and produces 60-candle power light. Shipping weight 20 pounds. No. 3K967 Royal Poppy Parker Lamp. Price $1.95. Imperial Cardinal $3.45. The banquet lamp is made of ruby glass and when lighted produces a rich ruby glow. It is handsomely embossed in large scrolls of floral design, the embossing being of satin finish cardinal glass. The combination of highly polished ruby glass for the body of the lamp and satin finish cardinal glass embossing makes an exceedingly rich, attractive and handsome lamp. It is furnished with improved success central draft burner. 80-candle power and wike and No. 1 Belgian chimney. It has a solid brass removable fount and brass plated crown. Height 26 inches and has a 10-inch globe. Shipping weight, 28 pounds. No. 3K979 Imperial Cardinal Parlor Lamp, Price $3.45.

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