1908 Sears Catalog ad: H & R Hammerless Revolvers

. Saturday, April 13, 2013

H & R Hammerless Revolvers. 70 and 90 cents per 100 for cartridges. See page 738. 32 or 38-calier. Adapted to S & W Cartridges. The H&R Hammerless is manufactured by the Harrington & Richardson Arms Co., of Worcester, Massachusetts, one of the oldest revolver manufacturers in the United States and is known as the H&R Hammerless Shell Ejecting Hing Revolver. It is made from first class material throughout; has a steel rifled barrel, front and real sights, fluted cylinder; all working parts are tempered, case hardened and interchangeable. so that if you accidentally break one of them it may be replaced at a small cost by writing to the manufacturers. Full nickel plated or blued steel finish throughout, fitted with fancy hard rubber handle. A good, safe, reliable revolver, which takes the 32 S & W cartridge, our No. 6K2377 or the 38 S&W cartridge, our No. 6K2388. The 32-caliber is 5-shot and the 38-caliber is 5-shot and no other cartridges will fit this revolver, so if you order cartridges with the revolver be sure to state that the cartridges are for this revolver. 32-caliber has a small light frame making it a fine, good, convenient pocket size. Notice our 75 cents Revolver Stock, No. 6K1488.

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