1908 Sears Catalog ad: Imperial Parlor Lamp

. Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Imperial Parlor Lamp $6.39. Rose pink color. Wild geese decoration. Genuine gold plated solid brass trimmed. The very newest and smartest design in parlor lamps. We are exceedingly fortunate in being able to offer our customers the very latest design, the most fashionable coloring and shape. This lamp is made of the very finest quality of translucent porcelain, tinted a delicate rose pink. This color is sometimes called old rose. Bands of Japanese ebony black encircle the top and bottom of the shade and base with horizontal lines running up and down the shade and base. A full 5-inch fringe of pink translucent beads hangs from the shade ring which is 12 inches in diameter and made of solid brass with four heavy supports. The advantage of the fringe of beads is not only that it adds richness nd elegance to the light but that it tones down and softens the light that comes from under the shade and it also covers up the more unattractive part of the burner. The base is heavy open cast in filigree design and is made of the finest quality of genuine gold plated solid brass. 100-candle power. Success central draft solid brass burner is used in this lamp with a chimney of the very best quality of lead glass. The shade measures fully 15 inches and the lamp stands 26 inches high. It has a solid brass oil pot which fits into the china base. Superb decoration. The decoration on this lamp consists of flying wild geese in ivory white, with feet, head and wings tinted in their natural colors. This decoration is hand painted by artists and is one of the richest and most effective decorations that we have ever seen. It cannot be adequately described or shown by the illustration. The lamp must be seen to be appreciated. Not only is this an exceptional value, but it is one of the most beautiful and graceful as well as newest designs on the market. A richer or more effective lamp when lighted with the light streaming through the rose pink shade with ivory white decoration and through the deep fringe of opalescent pink beads, cannot be imagined. Rose color is the most becoming of any light. A regular $20.00 value. No. 3K1025 Our imperial Japanese lamp price $6.39

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