1909 ad: The NEMO solves the corset problem

. Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The NEMO solves the corset problem. Our store is Hartford headquarters for the famous NEMO corset -- the corset that's made in so many different models and sizes that it is no trouble whatever for our experienced fitter to give a woman just what she needs to make her figure look best. Nemo military belt -- another wonderfully popular Nemo specialty; for medium figures; gives the small, in-curve waist, so fashionable, you know. Price $3. See sketch on the left. Nemo self reducing corset -- the most satisfactory stout woman's corset; the corset that positively reduces the stout woman's figure -- gives her style and grace -- and at the same time gives her comfort and health.  We have models for both tall and short stout figures. A full range of sizes. Prices $3 to $5. See sketch on the right. Nemo swan-shaped corsets -- These are the Nemos, par excellence, for medium and slender figures. They give beautiful curves of swanlike grace; fittingly named "Swan Shape" $2 to $3.50. Nemo Festoon -- for medium and slender figures; embroidered in festoon design at top and bottom and winsome little dots scattered between. The corset for fine and dainty lingerie models $2 to $3.50. There's a Nemo made for every figure and made to improve the figure of the slender as well as of the stout woman. Bear in mind that Nemo corsets are as famous for their wear as for style -- strength and durability combined with Parisian chic and grace. Let us fit you with a Nemo -- the Nemo that's meant for you. Fittings free of charge. Sanderson & Company, 18 Wyoming Avenue.

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