1913 ad: Radioptican

. Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Radioptican at $25 throws a picture on a screen that only a $100 machine formerly gave. The Radioptican takes the picture itself, not an expensive slide, and gives an image that for size, brilliancy, detail, and coloring is suitable for lecture work, school work, entertaining family groups or parties, travel talks, museum exhibits, etc. Until the Radioptican came out, high-priced machines, costing at least $100 were the only things that would give results as good. The Radioptican came out, high priced machines costing at least $100 were the only things that could give results as good. The Radioptican connects right on to your house-lighting circuit. there are other illuminants for those who haven't electricity. If you have slides you can buy a combination. Radioptican that will take them too. If you require an extra brilliant picture, the Arc Light Radioptican is the machine you want. All sizes and models of the Radioptican are shown and described in the book Home Entertainments. Write for it. Card entitling you to a free demonstration at your dealer's sent with book. There is a guarantee tag on the Radioptican that protects the buyer. Sold by photo supply and optical goods stores and in department stores. Price $2.50 (for toy models) to $50. H.C. White Co., 800 River Street, North Bennington, Vermont. Lens grinders and makers of optical goods for over 40 years. Branches: 45 W. 34th Street, New York. San Francisco. London.

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