1915 ad: Palmolive Soap

. Thursday, April 4, 2013

How the grecian Mother bathed her baby. Fine oils were the favored cleansing angents for young and old. The Grecian mother used nothing else to bathe her babies, together with soft, tepid water. Modern science prescribes the same method for new-born infants. Palmolive Soap is made from the palm and olive oils so highly valued throughout the ages for their wonderful cleansing properties. Its creamy lather introduces you to the luxury enjoyed by the Ancients, but in a convenient form they never knew. Palmolive Soap. Palmolive Shampoo -- a palm and olive oil liquid soap tht thoroughly cleanses. Pamolive cream reinforces the natural oil which keeps the skin smooth and unwrinkled. B.J. Johnson Soap Company, Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Canadian factory 155-157 George St., Toronto Ontario. Threefold sample offer -- liberal cake of Palmolive, bottle of shampoo and tube of cream, packed in a neat sample package, all mailed on receipt of five two-cent stamps.

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