1945 ad: Amazing Weather Forcaster

. Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outguess the weatherman. Amazing forecaster predicts the weather 24 hours in advance. Read all about the Swiss weather house and free gift offer if you act at once. Important! This is not a cheap undependable storm glass. The Weatherman Weather House is the original "Swiss" Weather House which actually tells you the weather in advance. Beware of imitations. Be your own weatherman -- you'll know tomorrow's weather today. Why pay $5 or $10 for a barometer when you can predict the weather yourself at home 8 to 24 hours in advance with this accurate, inexpensive weather house forecaster? It's made like a little Swiss cottage, with a thatched green roof and small green shutters. Inside the house is an old witch and a little boy and girl. When the weather's going to be fine the little boy and girl come out in front. But when bad weather is on the way the old witch makes an appearance. There is an easy to read thermometer on the front of the cottage that shows you the exact temperature. You can depend on knowing the condition of the weather from eight to 24 hours in advance with this weather house made in U.S.A. Everyone -- business men, house wives, teachers, farmers, school children, laborers, doctors, lawyers, ministers, clubs and colleges can now predict the weather in advance. Here is positively the most amazing introductory advertising offer ever made. You must act quickly. Prices may rise. Send no money. Send to you on 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply send the free gift offer coupon below for your "Swiss" Weather House and free Good Luck Leaf. When they arrive just deposit through your postman $1.69 (your total cost) plus postage. Then test the weather house for accuracy. Watch it closely, see how perfectly it predicts the weather in advance. then if you don't agree it's worth many dollars more than the small cost, simply return your weather house within 10 days and get your money back promptly. Almost every day of your life is affected in some way by the weather and it's such a satisfaction to have a reliable indication of what the weather will be. With the Swiss weather house and easy to read thermometer you have an investment in comfort and convenience for years to come. The weather house comes to you complete and ready to use. Ideal for gifts and bridge prizes. It will bring new pleasure to everyone in your family. The price is only $1.69 COD. You must act now to secure this price. Double Value Coupon -- mail today. The weather man, dept. PS 29 East Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois. 7 1/2" high -- 5" wide 4" deep. made of genuine walnut. Good luck leaf lives on air alone. The greatest novelty plant ever discovered. Tradition is a person owning one of these plants will have much luck and success. Your free for prompt action. It will grow in your room pinned to the window curtain. This leaf grows a plant at every notch. The small plants may be detached and potted if desired. When planted in the earth it grows two feet tall and blooms beautifully. The blooms may be cut and drid and they will hold their beauty for years. The plant is being studied by some of our leading universities and is rating very high in plant evolution.

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