1945 ad: Piano Playing -- So Easy it's really amazing!

. Saturday, April 20, 2013

Piano Playing -- So Easy it's really amazing! Mr. Dave Minor, who is on the radio from coast to coast, guarantees he will teach you to play the piano by ear without knowing one music note from another, or not cost. Mr. Dave Minor the man who guarantees if you can hum, whistle or sing a tune and if you are willing to spend a few minutes a day for three weeks at the piano he can teach you to play the piano by ear, entirely without music notes of any kind. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. You can prove it for yourself, just by mailing the coupon. Special Introductory Offer. $1.49 complete course of home instruction. Here is an outstanding offer to everyone who would like to play the piano. Mr. Minor has just completed a new "Play by Ear" piano course that is the easiest and quickest method you ever saw. It's so good and so practical that if in three weeks you're not actually playing the piano your money back. Now isn't that fair? So don't wait. Mail the coupon now and get in on a special offer so wonderful it's amazing. Free Dave Minor's Famous "Play by Ear" Piano Son Book Given Free. Send no money. Mail coupon. Test at our risk. Even if you never played the piano or don't know one note from another, Dave Minor's new improved "play by ear" piano course must teach you or you are not out a red cent. It contains all the pictures, all the easy-to-follow instructions. It's as simple as ABC. 25 lessons in all, less the 6 cents a lesson. For over 25 years, Dave Minor has been teaching folks to play the piano. He has thousands of satisfied students, but never before has he been able to offer you such a complete and simplified method to play the piano by ear. You start paying chords at once and soon you'll be playing all kinds of songs from Dave Minor's big song book for your own pleasure and for the entertainment of your family and friends. Mail the coupon, pay $1.49 plus COD postage on arrival with guarantee you may return course in three weeks if not satisfied for full refund. If you act promptly now, Dave Minor will give you absolutely free of extra costs, this big 72-page book of 50 America's favorite songs. There's not one note of music in this book but it teaches you to play waltzes, ballads, marches, patriotic and popular songs. All you do is follow the first few page of the piano course and you can play any song from this deluxe song book. You get this song book free just by ordering the new and simplified play by ear piano course that is guaranteed to teach you to play the piano or money back. Mail coupon today. Dave Minor, Studio 110-SP 230 East Ohio, Chicago 11, Illinois

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