1945 ad: Your favorite photo enlarged

. Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your favorite enlarged. Size 8x10 inches on double weight paper. Only 57 cents. 3 for $1.25. Here is amazing value! Send us your favorite photograph and we will send you a beautiful studio enlargement (size 8 by 10 inches) on double weight portrait quality paper, for only 57 cents or three for $1.25. (Can be different subjects.) Our Studio is known from coast to coast for the exceptionally fine quality of our work. You are sure of  a handsome enlargement -- one you'll be proud to own -- when you send that snapshot, photo or negative to us. Whether it is a picture of father, mother, sister, brother, children or some one else near and dear to you -- select the picture you would like to have enlarged and mail it to us today. What our customers say about our work. "Received the photo enlargement this morning and wish to tell you it is a wonderful job considering the very small photo you had to work from." S.W. Burton, Oteen, North Carolina. "Just a few lines to tell you how much I like the enlargement of the picture I sent you, and what a perfect job you did on it. I didn't realize such a small photograph would turn into such a grand 8x10 picture." Miss Dorothy Bafurt, Youngstown, Ohio. "Sure pleased with my 3 enlargements. You did a fine job. Will have all my pictures done at your studio after this." Mrs. J. Baker, Chicago Illinois. Free fascinating literature on hand-coloring will be included free and without obligation. Now is the time to mail your photos -- get them into the mail today. Standard Art Studios, Dept. 5455-H 100 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois.

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