1948 ad: Eveready batteries outlast all other brands

. Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to catch ore fish... "Eveready" Spotlight. A.G. Homa, expert angler. Gee Mr. Homa, what's that glass-bottom bucket for? I look through it to locate the gravel beds where small mouth bass hang out. But the real fun's tonight. Ask your pop if you can come along. My flashlight picks up the landmarks that I selected this afternoon. I know the big ones hide there. Gee your flashlight comes in handy. I cast toward shore and work the bait back to cross the spot where the fish jumped. Wow! a strike! Here's where that powerful "Eveready" Flashlight is real handy! Flashlight helps you locate your fish, boat him and unhook him in my flashlight I always use "eveready" batteries because they outlast all other brands. Now let's get this one's brother. In general-purpose 4-OHM Intermittent tests this "Eveready" battery outlasts all other brands. Who thought up this "general purpose 4-Ohm Intermittent test" taht takes the guesswork out of buying flashlight batteries? The American Standards Association, no less! And this is the test that most closely approximates the average use you give batteries in your own flashlight. Now you know the battery to buy for a longer life! And your own eyes will tell you how Eveready flashlight batteries deliver brighter light. Be bright tonight. Buy Eveready. National Carbon Company Inc. 30 East 42nd Street, New York 17 N.Y. Unit of Union Carbide UCC and Carbon Corporation.

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