1948 ad: Portable Modernair Radio

. Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1948 model. Never before at such an amazing low price! Portable Modernair Radio. Not a toy but a real battery operated radio for only $6.95 complete, ready to play. Long life battery operation. Powerful vacuum tube reception. Costs less than 1 cent per hour to operate. Included at no extra cost 22 1/2 volt "B" battery, approximately 200 hours of playing life. 1 1/2 volt "A" Battery. The magic of radio in the palm of your hand. Yes, it's hear at last...Radio's mighty postwar portable midget at an almost unbelievable low price. Look at its streamlined cabinet of lovely, lustrous plastic so tiny you can hold it in the palm of your hand. Listen to its rich fidelity, so powerful you can tune in stations 100 miles away. Once you hear it play you'll agree that this portable midget radio at only $6.95 is a postwar dream come true. Yes, astounding as it may sound, we will send your Modernair portable radio complete with personal earphone, powerful receiving tube and two batteries for only $6.95. However, our present supply is limited and we can guarantee immediate delivery only if you act now. Check these ultra-modern features: Streamlined Ivory Plastic Cabinet. Highly selective tuning dial. Picks up stations within 100 mile radius. Off and on switch with silver plated points. Private earphone prevents disturbing others. Powerful HI-MU 114 Pentode receiving tube. Two long-life midget batteries. Patented Compression-type Condenser. Broadcast reception 540 to 1600 kilocycles. Factory guaranteed: Each radio checked and tested at the factory and is fully guaranteed in writing for one full year against defective workmanship and material. Send no money. You risk nothing! Merely clip this ad and mail it today. Then pay postman only $6.95 plus postage on delivery. Or if you prefer, send cash and we'll pay postage. We guarantee perfect reception if used as directed. Order yours today. Private earphones means that you alone can hear. Small enough to fit the palm of your hand. Powerful Pentode receiving tube. Powerful enough to pick up stations 100 iles away. Use it anywhere: in bed, in kitchen, On trips, at work, outings. American Merchandising Company Inc., 9 Madison Avenue, Montgomery 4, Alabama. Dept. MR-16

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