1949 ad: They Used to Call Me Skinny

. Friday, April 5, 2013

And to think they used to call me Skinny! Give me 15 minutes a day and I'll give you a new body. People used to laugh at my skinny, 97 pound body. I was so embarrassed at my weakling build that I was ashamed to strip for sports or for a swim. Girls snickered and made fun of me behind my back. Then I discovered my marvelous new muscle-building system Dynamic Tension. And it turned me into such a complete specimen of manhood that today I hold the title The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man. That's how I traded in my bag of bones for a barrel of muscle. And I felt so much better, so much on top of the world in my big, new  husky body that I decided to devote my whole life to helping other fellows change themselves into perfectly developed men. What's my secret? When you look in the mirror and see a healthy huskey strapping fellow smiling back at you -- then you'll be astonished at how short a time it takes Dynamic Tension to get results. Dynamic tension is the easy, natural method that you can practice in the privacy of your own room -- just 15 minutes each day -- while your scrawny shoulder muscles begin to swell... those spindly arms and legs of yours bulge and your whole body starts to feel alive, full of zip and go. No ifs ands or maybes. Just tell me where you want handsome powerful muscles. Are you fat and flabby? Or skinny and gawky? Are you short-winded, pepless? Do you hold back and let others walk off with the prettiest girls, best jobs, etc? Then write for my free book about Dynamic Tension and learn how I can make you a healthy, confident powerful He-Man. Thousands of other fellows are becoming marvelous physical specimens my way. I give you no gadgets or contraptions to fool with. When you have learned to develop your strength through Dynamic Tension you can laugh at artifical muscle-makers. You simply utilize the dormant muscle-power in your own body -- watch it increase and multiply into real solid live muscle. Free book. mail the coupon right now for full details and I'll send you my illustrated book Everlasting Health and Strength. Tells all about my Dynamic Tension method. Shows actual photos of men I've made into Atlas Champions. It's a valuable book and it's free. Send for your copy today. Mail the coupon to me personally. Charles Atlas Dept 27H 113 East 23rd Street, New York, 10, N.Y.

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