1950 ad: You'll have more fun if you can square dance

. Friday, April 26, 2013

You'll have more fun this summer -- if you can square dance! For a fun-packed vacation there's nothing like square dancing! At seaside hotels, summer camps, mountain lodges, lake resorts...smart recreational directors know that square dancing is the best way to break the ice and get everybody acquainted. Yes, square dancing is a friendly dance and a fit companion for the friendly drink...Hires. You'll be in demand if you know how to square dance. So send for this new square dance booklet now. You'll be able to teach your friends. You'll be able to give square dance parties. You'll be the leader in your set. Square dancing is an ice-breaker! It helps you get acquainted -- helps you make new friends! And it's oh-so-easy to learn! Vacation time is here! You're going to be doing new things... seeing new places...meeting new people. Make the most of those precious days and nights. Learn to square dance. Square dancing is America's newest way to get acquainted. You can't be a wallflower at a square dance! Everybody joins in... everybody has fun! And square dancing is so easy to learn that there's no reason you shouldn't be in on the fun. That's why Hires is giving you another chance to send for a wonderful new booklet that shows you how! It's called "Hires Throws a Square Dance with Chris Sanderson." And it's written by Chris Sanderson, the Square Dance King. Chris says, "If you can walk you can square dance!" And he proves it! He tells you how to swing your lady, how to sashay, how to dosi-do. He leads you through 7 basic square dance routines. He suggests music...lists popular calls. And this booklet is your almost for the asking! So be sure to send for your copy today! It was prepared for you by the makers of Hires because square dancing and that largest selling of all root beers have so much in common. They're both typically American. They're both fun! And they're both getting more and more popular every day! You needn't send any labels or bottle caps, but if you haven't tried Hires recently, we wish you would. You'll find it's still made with real roots, barks and herbs...and tastes it. C'mon! Take a little peek! Try this sample out of the Hires square dance booklet: "Over you go; take a little peek! Back you go and swing your sweet! Back you go and peek once more! Now back you go and swing all four!"The Charles E. Hires Co., P.O. Box 155 Philadelphia 5, Pennsylvania

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