1960 ad: Motorola 6-Transistor Shirt-Pocket Radios

. Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Motorola 6-transistor shirt-pocket radios. Big speaker, fine tone, long battery life (up to 100 hours) $24.95. Actual size 4 1/2" high ... weighs only 8 oz. with battery. A new Motorola radio miniaturized to fit a shirt pocket (or purse) -- yet with the power and sound you'd expect from a larger set. Powerful 6-transistor chassis pinpoints stations -- holds them strong and steady. Motorola-designed 2 1/4" Golden Voice speaker with new cone delivers rich, clear lows -- crisp highs. Battery life up to 100 hours at normal volume level - 2 1/2 times longer than in previous models this size. Give a look and listen at your Motorola Dealer. It's worth the trip. Top recessed controls for effortless tuning -- even when set is in the pocket. Magnifying lens with Vernier Tuning makes station selection precise -- easy.  Built-in easel stand allows radio to stand upright on table tops. Custom Carrying Cases and earphone available, optional slightly extra. Motorola.

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