1967 ad: Allstate Five-Year Renewal Guarantee

. Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Decisive answer to today's problem of auto insurance cancellation. New from Allstate: a revolutionary long-term Renewal Guarantee that applies to all auto insurance coverages. Allstate five year renewal guarantee. Now Allstate guarantee to continue your auto insurance for five years. Even if you have accidents. Even if you're found to be at fault. After your Allstate insurance is in force 60 days, it's Renewal -- Guaranteed for five years (starting with the effective date of your policy) as long as you and the other drivers in your family hold valid drivers' licenses and you pay the premiums when due. You simply renew each year with the policy forms and rates then in effect. In a nutshell you can cancel your insurance. Allstate can't. This remarkable Allstate Renewal Guarantee applies to all your auto coverages -- liability, collision, comprehensive medical payments -- whatever you've bought. What's more, you're covered by Allstate's Good Driver Plan, with rates lowered or raised by your own family driving record. Present Allstate auto policyholders: Your Allstate Pledge Against Cancellation, which covered liability insurance only, is automatically broadened in line with this new Guarantee which applies to all your auto coverages. Future Allstate policy holders: See an Allstate Agent soon, to quality for the new Renewal Guarantee. You're in good hands with Allstate.

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