1967 ad: Mercury '68

. Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mercury '68 with the Fine Car Touch. This is the closest any car can come to the ride and feel of the Lincoln Continental. Here's a Mercury that got thrown a beautiful curve for 1968. A new swept-back roof that gives this Park Lane the look of a sprinter crouched at the starting line. Obviously, this Mercury isn't a Lincoln Continental. But it's remarkably similar in many ways. Examples: its broad-shouldered stance, weight distribution, and front suspension that help give Mercury its fine-car ride. You can feel the Fine Car Touch our Continental designers have lavished on Mercury. In nylon carpeting that's as rich and durable as you'd buy for your own home. And in the comforting quiet created by 123 pounds and 19 kinds of sound insulation. With noise barriers like that, who needs to shout? Back at the Mercury ranch, we're building 16 models for 1968 (three of them swept-backs). With engine options up to 428 cu. in. Our idea is to make any distance a very comfortable distance for you. Come see Mercury. Get involved with the Fine Car Touch. Better idea cars from the makers of Lincoln Continental. Mercury Park Lane 2door hardtop with new swept-back roof (shown here and above) Lincoln Mercury Division Ford.

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