1967 ad: Spanish Art "Find"

. Sunday, April 28, 2013

Incredible. Not just prints but artist's full color originals. Spanish Art "Find."" Under $2 each in sets of three. Rivas is the well-known Madrid artist who loves doing study after study of local scenes. Each is different fresh and enchanting impressions in ink with washed on or brushed colors. We got a batch for a song. Don't tell what you paid -- just put them up and have them admired. Each about 9" wide 26"tall, ideal for narrow panels or grouping. Money back within 10 days if not delighted. We have only a few -- order now. 3 color originals only $5.95 plus 25 cents handling per order. World Art Group, Studio 12HD, World Art Building, First St., Norwalk, Connecticut 06854.

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