1971 ad: Birds Eye Combinations

. Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There was a time when the stories were more interesting than the vegetables. Inside every man lives a little boy who didn't like his vegetables. Ask any man who was ever a kid. He'll tell you mother could turn peas into buried treasure and carrots into rabbits and make asparagus taste as good as cotton candy at the circus on a Saturday afternoon. Until the impossible happened. Little Jimmy opened his mouth as wide as his eyes and in went the vegetables, vitamins and all. At Birds Eye we never forget that little boy. That's why we've come up with Birds Eye Combinations. We started with the simple vegetables of old, like carrots and beans and peas. But Birds Eye Combinations aren't like the vegetables that gave all the problems to yesterday's mothers. We've combined green beans, peas, yellow corn and baby limas. All swimming in an onion sauce. Put a delicious brown sugar glaze on the carrots. Added crisp, toasted almonds to French green beans. With Birds Eye Combinations on the table you can forget about the vegetables, for a change. And concentrate on more important things. Like what you're going to serve him tomorrow night. And the night his mother comes to dinner. Birds Eye Combinations. The vegetables mother never had.

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