1971 ad: The greatest escape in painting history

. Sunday, April 21, 2013

This man is making the greatest escape in painting history. Now you can get away from it all too. You can escape from work. From worry. And from dull, drab rooms. Just come to Sherwin-Williams. And we'll show you how. What could you paint with every can of Super Kem-Tone latex wall paint ever sold? Maybe the moon. Or the Sahara Desert. Or even a sixteen lane highway that'd circle the Equator twice. Or your unfavorite room. America's all-time favorite, Super Kem-Tone latex wall paint, is a natural for the job. It's easy to apply, to take care of to clean up after, to live with. Scuffs, stains and marks clean off with your usual detergent. And the man at Sherwin-Williams is just waiting to show you the color selection. it includes accent shades and custom-mixed tones to carry out your most imaginative painting scheme. You're an interesting person. S don't endure and uninteresting room. Give it a new personality. It's easy with Kem-Namel interior latex semi-gloss enamel. Dries quickly. And gives a wall a semi-gloss finish that's super-durable. So whites stay whiter, colors stay bright. Let your neighbors know what you think of the neighborhood. Give your home a new coat for winter. And escape from worry, no matter what the weather. For Sherwin-Williams A-100 latex house paint combines protection with beauty. And all in an easy-to-use formula designed just for you. Colors? You'll find Sherwin-Williams is, almost literally, the store at the end of the rainbow. With every contemporary color in the book. And the book keeps changing. To keep pace with changing American taste. A paint for every purpose for every pocketbook. And hundreds of helpful ideas, suggestions and services. It all adds up to a good reason for looking in the Yellow Pages. For the name and address of your nearest Sherwin-Williams store. The favorite place to shop for America's most accomplished escape artists. Sherwin-Williams. More than a paint store. SWP Cover the Earth.

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