1975 ad: Motorola M6800

. Sunday, April 28, 2013

All this... M6800 and the unbundled $$69 microprocessor. The MC6800, $69.00 each for any quality under 100. Maybe you can buy a microprocessor for less somewhere else right now. Or maybe not. If you do, it won't be a Motorola MC6800, backed up by Motorola's production know-how and tremendous manufacturing capabilities. And, it won't be backed by: The M6800 benchmark family of building block LSI circuits for microcomputer systems. New Low M6800 Family Prices. Motorola's supporting CMOS, NMOS interface and memory, bipolar LSI and linear circuits. M6800 support hardware and software. The M6800 Microprocessor Applications Manual and the raft of other M6800 documentation. Remember! Alone, a single cheap microprocessor isn't worth a dime. Motorola means business in microprocessors. New board enhances $149.00 design kit bargain. Two great changes have been made in the popular MEK6800D1 microcomputer system design kit. The price has been reduced from $300.00 to a fantastic $149.00 with a new $50.00 PC board added in the bargain. Individual M6800 Family units and the kits are all available off the shelf from any Motorola authorized distributor. See the distributor or Motorola sales office for information, design assistance and to place your order. Motorola M6800 Benchmark family for microprocessor systems.

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