1975 ad: SWTPC 6800 - the computer system you have been waiting for

. Friday, April 26, 2013

SWTPC 6800 the computer system you have been waiting for. A Benchmark System -- using the Motorola M6800 benchmark microprocessor family. Southwest Technical Products is proud to introduce the M6800 computer system. This system is based upon the Motorola MC6800 microprocessor unit (MPU) and its matching family of support devices. The 6800 system was chosen for our computer because this set of parts is currently in our opinion for "Benchmark Family" for microprocessor systems. It makes it possible for us to provide you with a computer system having outstanding versatility and ease of use. In addition to the outstanding hardware system, the Motorola 6800 has without question the most complete set of documentation yet made available for a microprocessor system. The 714 page Applications manual for example contains material on programming techniques, system organization, input/output techniques and more. Also available is the Programmers Manual which details the various types of software available for the system and provides instructions for the programming and use of the unique interface system that is part of the 6800 design. The M6800 system minimizes the number of required components and support parts, provides extremely simple interfacing to external devices and has outstanding documentation. Our kit combines MC6800 processor with the MIKBUG read-only memory (ROM). This ROM contains the program necessary to automatically place not only a loader, but also a mini-operating system into the computer's memory. This makes the computer very convenient to use because it is ready for you to enter data from the terminal keyboard the minute power is turned on. Our kit also provides a serial control interface to connect a terminal to the system. This not an extra cost option as in some inexpensive computers. The system is controlled from any ASCII coded terminal that you may wish to use. Our CT-1024 video terminal is a good choice. The control interface will also work with any 20 Ma. Teletype usng ASCII code, such as the ASR-33 or KSR-33. The main memory in our basic kit consists of 2,048 words (BYTES) of static memory. This eliminates the need to refresh interrupts and allows the system to operate at full speed at all times. Or basic kit is supplied with processor system, which includes the MIKBUG ROM, a 128 word static scratch pad RAM, and clock oscillator bit rate divider, main memory board with 2,048 words, a serial control interface power supply, cabinet with cover and complete assembly and operation instructions which include test programs and the Motorola Programmers Manual. If you have a Motorola 6800 chips set, we will sell you boards or any major part of this system as a separate item. If you would like a full description and our price list, circle the reader service number or send the coupon today. Prices for a complete basic kit begin at only $450.00.

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