1976 ad: The Altair 8800

. Thursday, April 18, 2013

Can anyone beat the Altair System? We doubt it. When it comes to microcomputers, Altair from MITS is the leader in the field. The Altair 8800 is now backed by a complete selection of plug-in compatible boards. Included are a variety of the most advanced memory and interface boards. PROM board, vector interrupt, real time clock, and prototype board. Altair 8800 peripherals include a revolutionary, low-cost floppy disk system. Teletype line printer and soon to be announced CRT terminal. Software for the Altair 8800 includes an assembler, text editor, monitor, debug. BASIC. Extended BASIC, and a Disk Operating System. And this software is not just icing on the cake - it has received industry wide acclaim for its efficiency and revolutionary features. But MITS hasn't stopped with the Alatir 8800. There is also the Altair 680 -- complete with memory and selectable interface -- built around the new 6800 microprocessor chip. And soon to be announced are the Altair 8800a and the Altair 8800b. MITS doesn't stop with just supplying hardware and software, either. Every Altair owner is automatically a member of the Altair Users Group through which he has access to the substantial Altair software library. Every Altair owner is informed of up to date developments via a free subscription to Computer Notes. Every Altair owner is assured that he is dealing with a company that stands firmly behind its products. After all, we didn't become the leader by messing around. Shouldn't you send for more information or visit one of our Altair dealers? MITS 2450 Alamo S.E. Albuquerque New Mexico 87106

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