1976 ad: Now your color TV can be your computer display terminal

. Sunday, April 14, 2013

Now your color TV can be your computer display terminal. Alphanumeric display generated with Dazzle-Writer software (see below). New capabilities, too. Cromemco's new computer/tv interface circuit lets you have a full-color computer display terminal for little more than a black-and-white terminal. The Cromemco interface also lets you do vastly more with your color terminal than you can do with ordinary black-and-whites. We call your interfce the TV Dazzler. It consists of two circuit boards that plug directly into your Altair 8800 or IMSAI 8080 computer.  Alphanumerics plus action and graphics. The Dazzler maps your computer memory content onto your color TV screen in full color. That doesn't mean just that you see alphanumerics in color. You can display any information in memory and do so in color. Life in color. You can display computer games or animated shoes (rocket ships). What's more, you can display business or technical graphics -- multi-colored charts, graphs, histograms, educational material -- all from computer memory. Even light shows. Not even the biggest computer manufacturers offer all this in color. Needs only 2K memory. Technically, the Dazzler scans your computer memory using direct-memory access (DMA). It formats each memory bit into a point on the TV screen to give a 128 x 128 element picture. Only a 2K-byte computer memory is required (only 512 bytes for a 32 x 32 picture). The quality of the pictures is evident in the photos. The Dazzler output is a video signal that goes directly to the TV video amp or to the antenna terminal through an inexpensive commercially available device. Inexpensive -- and so much better. You can see from the list below that the Dazzler is little if any more in price than an ordinary b/w interface or tv typewriter. But it does so much more. Order now. By mail r at your computer store. If you're into computers (or want to be), if you want to invent these beautiful displays or games, or to plot colorful material inexpensively at home or in business, the Dazzler is for you. Not only is it reasonable, but it's sold at computer stores from coast tot coast. Or order directly by mail on your bank card. TV Dazzler (complete kit) $215. TV Dazzler (fully assembled and tested) $350. Software (punched paper tape with documentation) Life in color $15. Kaleidoscope in full color $15. Dazzle Writer (for alpha-numeric displays in color) $15. Shipped prepaid if fully paid with order. California users add 6% sales tax. Mastercharge and BankAmericard accepted with signed order. Delivery: from stock for immediate shipment. Cromemco, Specialists in computer peripherals. One First St., Los Altos California 94022 (415) 941-2967

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