1984 ad: Natural Snack Sack

. Friday, April 19, 2013

Anatomy of a Snack Sack. An exciting assortment of scrumptious snacks full of whole food goodness and packed for portability. All Snack Sack varieties are made from whole grains while remaining 100% wheat free. Here, the term "natural" means "simple, wholesome ingredients, prepared without additives or preservatives. See-through window permits viewing of taste-tempting morsels inside. Script describes the distinctive character of this particular Snack Sack -- Spicy or subtle? Crispy or crunchy? Look here for these details. This tells whether the Snack Sack is baked without oils. Of special interest to many dieters. The Edward & Sons trademark provides an important assurance of quality and concern for healthful snacking. This banner tells weather the Snack Sack is low in sodium, important information for salt watchers. Brown Rice Shells are just one of the nine unique varieties currently available. Lesson Notes: Advanced students of snackology will recognize the Snack Sack line as a major advance in the field, offering an unparalleled variety of quality snacking options. Try all nine Snack Sack flavors to complete degree requirements or sample any flavors of your choice, as independent study. Corn Crispy Curls. Ginger Flowers. Sea Vegie Chips. Teriyki Nuggets. Buckwheat Crispy Curls. Sabi Snacks. Vegie Chips. Mini Snaps. Edward & Sons. "A growing family of fine foods for the natural gourmet" Union, New Jersey 07083

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