1861 ad: H.R. Taylor, Cabinet-Maker

. Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taylor's Patent. H.R. Taylor, cabinet-maker, 132 Washington Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts, manufacturer of Taylor's Patent self-supporting drawer, so arranged as to be drawn out to its fullest extent and to support itself in that position. It being impossible for it to fail and yet capable of being removed from the case and replaced with the same facility as a common drawer. There is none of the disagreeable side motion and sticking of the drawer, nor is it necessary to exert one's utmost strength to pull it out or put it in. It is peculiarly adapted for tellers' drawers, money-drawers, &c. Its advantages are perceptible at a glance and the necessity of such an improvement warrents for its success. It has already been introduced into many public buildings and private houses and has everywhere given complete satisfaction. Persons desirous of seeing specimens of work are invited to call at his manufactory. No. 132 Washington Street. Taylor's Patent crib and cradle constantly on hand and for sale. Window-Shades of every description finished at the shortest notice.

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