1863 ad: Astrology!

. Friday, May 17, 2013

Astrology! What is astrology? It is the practical part of the science of Astronomy; an as the theory of Navigation would be of little service to man without the experience derived from traversing the ocean's bounds -- so astronomy is of little moment unconnected with its practical value, developed by astral love. Astrology teaches the nature of the various planets, the influence they exert upon our earth in their passage through the signs of the Zodiac; the effects upon the characters, circumstances and fortunes of mankind, according to their positions and the signs ascending at certain epochs. It proclaims in language intelligible that the planets are the heavenly messengers which are hourly pointing out the destiny of mankind; and there are cardinal points relating to the motions of these heavenly messengers which are necessary to be known. To enable the professor of astrology to give a correct judgment in accordance with its rules. The professor must have a knowledge of the longitudinal places of the planets for particular times and seasons and circumstances: a table of the houses for the latitude where the persons were born or certain circumstances occur. Professor Baron has a profound knowledge of the rules of the science of the stars and as the hand of fate has marked out the path of each individual, so Professor Baron unfolds its meanderings of the past, present and future, covering the whole field of all that relates to your happiness or misery through life. If you wish to know whether you will be successful and prosperous in any undertaking, or to hear from an absent relative or lover, call on Professor Baron. He will reveal unto all who consult him secrets that no living mortal ever knew before and those who call will be sure to be more successful through life. The professor can bring success out of the most perilous undertakings. N.B. No charge for showing the likeness of the intended husband, absent friends or lover. He will also cause speedy marriages without extra charge. The mysterious writings which the professor will cause to appear astonishes all his visitors. Office, No. 12 Winter Street, near Washington, over Mr. Emerson's Trimming Store. Fee in full. Ladies 50 cents. Gentlemen $1. N.B. The Professor will remain in the city a short time only. J.H. & F. F. Farwell Steam Job Printers 112 Washington Street, Boston.

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