1866 ad: J. B. Brown & Co.'s New Patent BB Lawn Mower

. Thursday, May 9, 2013

J. B. Brown & Co.'s New Patent BB Lawn Mower. Manufactured by J.B. Brown & Co., 148, Upper Thames Street, London. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction and if not approved of may be at once returned. J.B. Brown and Co., having so very successfully introduced at the recent Meeting of the Bath and West of England Society at Hereford, in June 1865, the new patent BB Lawn Mower of their own manufacture, beg to mention that having supplied the large number of machines order on that occasion and up to the present time, with most unqualified satisfaction to every one, so far as they are aware, they are now actively preparing to execute further orders for the approaching season; and, owing to the large number of such order already received, they would very respectfully solicit all intending orders to be sent with as little delay as possible -- say to be executed at any time during the opening of the spring, or in the course of the summer, as may be desired.

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