1908 ad: Every Corset Made in Paris

. Thursday, May 23, 2013

The L.C.C. The London Corset Company, 28 New Bond Street, W. 28. "La Samothrace" Every Corset Made in Paris. The London Corset Company's famous Guinea Corset, beautiful in shape, material and finish, in a dozen varieties of fanciful fabrics, becoming alike to the stout and slim. The London Corset Company have an Elastic Corset in White Coutille which is one of the greatest inventions of the present age. Nothing before has ever been made that is such absolutely perfect wear for ladies enciente. Price 25/-.La Samothrace -- In studded silk batiste, in white and the lightest shades. Perfection of shape and texture. La Samothrage. -- Brocaded Silk Batiste. Most delightful of Corsets. Suspenders 2/6 per pair extra. Corsets sent on approval, satisfactory references being given. The Sketch, the original of which is to be seen at 28, New Bond Street, was executed by a celebrated French artist for the L.C.C. It represents a Tricot Corset, made of the very finest silk and simply moulds the form of the wearer. It cannot be adequately described, but it is the latest work of the clever fingers of Paris. Telephone No. 4890 Gerrard. Telegraphic Address -- "Samothrace, London."

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