1908 Sears Catalog ad: Conley Professional Stereoscopic Camera

. Saturday, May 11, 2013

Conley Professional Stereoscopic Camera $28.50. The Conley Professional Stereoscopic camera is our highest grade stereoscopic camera, a camera that is absolutely complete in every detail, possessing every adjustment and every improvement that has in any way been found useful in stereoscopic photography. This stereoscopic camera is made with the latest improved automatic spring roller septum, which rolls up or unrolls automatically as the camera is opened or closed, double shifting front with both rising and falling movement and side shift, detachable lens board, rack and pinion focus movement, reversible back, brilliant hooded finder, ground glass focusing screen protected by hinged, leather covered, mahogany panel, genuine leather covering nickel plated metal parts and genuine leather bellows. Specifications. Woodwork -- all solid mahogany, dovetailed corners, piano finish. Meta parts - brass, heavily nickel plated and highly polished. Covering -- best seal grain leather. Bellows -- best red Russia leather, gossamer lined. Back -- Reversible with single button release. Focus Movement -- rack and pinion. Lens Board -- detachable, instantly removed or replaced. Front -- Mahogany, double shifting, with most vertical and horizontal movements. Front clamp -- new Conley Automatic. Piano Hinge -- Nickel plated. Shutter -- Wollensak Regular, double valve stereoscopic. Lenses -- high grade, stereoscopic, double symmetrical. Septum - improved spring roller curtain. Plate Holder - Conley Improved Flexible Valve. Carrying case -- heavy sold leather with space for camera and six plate holders. Dimensions -- Camera closed 3 3/4 x 8 12 x 8 3/4 inches; focal capacity, 16 inches; carrying case, 4 1/4 x 9x 14 1/4 inches. A combination camera. At $28.50 we furnish this camera equipped only for stereoscopic work, but by adding the 5x7 lens and shutter with extra front board, which we furnish for $6.30 extra, the camera may be used for either full size single 5x7 pictures or for stereoscopic views. As a 5x7 camera it possesses all of the adjustments and good qualities that are necessary for the highest grade of work, corresponding practically in its various details and adjustments to our 5x7 long focus camera. The lens and shutter. We equip the Conley Professional Stereoscopic Camera with a pair of extra high grade, double symmetrical lenses, especially ground for stereoscopic work and accurately matched. These lenses are mounted in the Wollensak Double Valve Regular Shutter arranged for automatic instantaneous exposures of various lengths from one second to one hundredth part of a second, and time or bulb exposures of any desired length. No. 20K140 Conley Professional Stereoscopic Camera, complete with double symmetrical stereoscopic lenses, Wollensak Regular Stereoscopic Shutter, one 5x7 Conley Improved Flexible Valve Plate Holder, and sole leather carrying case. Shipping weight 16 pounds. Price $28.50. No. 20K142 Double Symmetrical Lens, for single 5x7 pictures with Conley Safety Shutter and extra front board to fit the Conley Professional Stereoscopic Camera. If by mail postage extra 8 cents. Price, complete with shutter, front board, bulb and tube. $6.30.

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