1908 Sears Catalog ad: Cups and Saucers

. Friday, May 10, 2013

Thin China Cups and Saucers, decorated in artistic flow blue, Jap designs, very neat and dainty. Weight per dozen 5 1/2 pounds. No. 3K1800 Price per half dozen 80 cents. Price per dozen $1.49. Fine thin china cups and saucers, medium size, beautifully hand decorated with Jap roses, gold illuminated and traced. Weight per dozen 6 pounds. No. 3K1805 Price per half dozen $1.18. Price per dozen $2.25. Finest quality thin Jap china cups and saucers, beautifully decorated by hand both inside and out with pretty pink and blue floral design, fully gold scroll illuminated and gold traced edges. Weight, per half dozen 3 pounds. No. 3K1810 price per half dozen $1.55. Price per dozen $2.95.

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