1908 Sears Catalog ad: Eight-Day Perpetual Calendar Clock

. Sunday, May 19, 2013

$6.75. Eight-Day Perpetual Calendar Clock. One eight-day perpetual calendar clock with 8-inch dial, manufactured especially for us by the Waterbury Clock Co. of Waterbury, Connecticut. The clock is made of oak, stands 28 1/2 inches high. The case is beautifully embossed and carved throughout. Beautiful ornaments adorn the top and sides of this case. On either side are two massive oak columns which lend a richness to this clock that cannot be excelled. The case is made of extra heavy hardwood, kiln dried. All joints are perfectly fitted, protecting this movement from dust and dampness. The glass of the door is decorated in black and gold. The movement is the latest straight line verge escapement, made of hard wrought brass and tempered steel pinions and pivots, no burred edges to interfere with the timekeeping qualities of the clock. Runs eight days with one winding. Strikes the hours and half hours on a sweet toned gong. The clock is guaranteed to us by the manufacturer and we in turn guarantee it to our customers and with proper care it should last you your natural lifetime. Shipping weight, 25 pounds. No. 5K3580 Price $6.75. Actually priced at one-half value. $5.50 for this solid iron black enameled eight-day parlor clock. The case is made of iron enameled by a patent process, is guaranteed not to mar, peel or chip. It would require an expert to know the difference betweent his patent enamel iron clock and the genuine black Italian marble imported from Italy. Clock stands 10 1/2 inches high. 15 1/2 inches wide at base, 7 inches deep. Gilt front ornaments gilt lion head side ornaments, gilt feet and dial sash lend a richness and artistic value to this clock unequaled by any other. The dial is its most handsome feature, having a gilt finished rim richly ornamented by a fancy rococo chased border with genuine mother of pearl inlaid figures. The numerals are plain and distinct, easily seen and exactly as illustration shows. The dial is 6 inches in diameter. The hands are of the Henry VI style, well made of blue steel. The movement fitted in this case manufactured by the celebrated New Haven Clock Co., of New Haven, Connecticut, runs eight days with one winding is made of fine hard wrought brass and oil tempered steel parts. Hand polished pinions and pivots make these clocks in running ability second to none. The latest improved, straight line verge escapement friction reduced non-barred wheels, simple in construction, perfectly finished and perfectly adjusted, insures this clock to run and give absolute satisfaction. Strikes the hours and half hours on a sweet toned gong. The clock is warranted to us by the manufacturers and we in turn warrant it to you to give entire and absolute satisfaction. Weight, packed ready for shipment, about 35 pounds, No. 5K3932 Price complete $5.50.

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